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Engineering ToolBox (Landing page)
Metals - Melting Temperatures
Cooling Loads - Latent and Sensible Heat
Ammonia - NH3 - Concentration in Air and Health Symptoms
Stress, Strain and Young's Modulus
Coefficients of Linear Thermal Expansion
Area Moment of Inertia
Water - Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity
Material Properties
Alloy Steel
Engineering ToolBox

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Resources, Tools and Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications! - adapts seamlessly to phones, pads and desktops! - "Search is the most efficient way to navigate the Engineering ToolBox!" Engineering ToolBox Tools and Basic Information for Design, Engineering and Construction of Technical Applications Sponsored Links Metals - Melting Temperatures Melting temperature of some common metals and alloys Cooling Loads - Latent and Sensible Heat Latent and sensible cooling loads to consider in design of HVAC systems Ammonia - NH3 - Concentration in Air and Health Symptoms Ammonia and health symptoms - smell and threat to life Stress,
Recurring phrases
temperatures ranging24
thermal properties20
thermal conductivity18
- imperial18
chemical resistance17
chemical, physical and thermal properties of12
- specific heat specific heat of10
- binary eutectic alloys and melting points10
imperial and si units10
metals and alloys10
- melting points of binary eutectic alloys10
- binary eutectic10
alloys and melting10
- chemical resistance chemical resistance of7
- at temperatures ranging 175 - 6000 k5
- 1000oc (-40 - 1500of) at standard atmospheric pressure - imperial4
- liquid thermal properties density, specific heat, thermal conductivity ...4
kinematic viscosity, thermal conductivity and prandtl number4
-40 - 1000oc (-40 - 1500of) at standard atmospheric pressure -4
and many more - and their specific heats3
1000oc (-40 - 1500of) at standard atmospheric pressure - imperial and3
(-40 - 1500of) at standard atmospheric pressure - imperial and si3
- 1500of) at standard atmospheric pressure - imperial and si units3
more - and their specific heats - imperial and si units2
some common materials as aluminum, copper, glass, iron and many more2
many more - and their specific heats - imperial and si2
carbon dioxide - co2 - density, specific heat, kinematic viscosity,2
more - and their specific heats - imperial and2
- co2 - density, specific heat, kinematic viscosity, thermal conductivity2
dioxide - co2 - density, specific heat, kinematic viscosity, thermal2
and many more - and their specific heats - imperial and2
for some common materials as aluminum, copper, glass, iron and many2
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alloys points common thermal melting water specific heat temperatures properties
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  • [H1] Engineering ToolBox
  • [H2] Tools and Basic Information for Design, Engineering and Construction of Technical Applications
  • [H2] Search the Engineering ToolBox
  • [H2] Engineering ToolBox - SketchUp Extension - Online 3D modeling!
  • [H2] Support the ToolBox
  • [H3] Metals - Melting Temperatures
  • [H3] Cooling Loads - Latent and Sensible Heat
  • [H3] Ammonia - NH3 - Concentration in Air and Health Symptoms
  • [H3] Stress, Strain and Young's Modulus
  • [H3] Coefficients of Linear Thermal Expansion
  • [H3] Area Moment of Inertia
  • [H3] Water - Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity
  • [H3] Material Properties
  • [H3] Alloy Steel
  • [H3] AISI/SAE Steel - Numbering System
  • [H3] Absolute, Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity
  • [H3] Acetylene
  • [H3] Acids - pH Values
  • [H3] Air - Absolute and Kinematic Viscosity
  • [H3] Air - Altitude, Density and Specific Volume
  • [H3] Air - Temperature, Pressure and Density
  • [H3] Air Composition
  • [H3] Air Density and Specific Weight
  • [H3] Air Properties
  • [H3] Air Properties - Imperial Units
  • [H3] Air Properties - SI Units
  • [H3] Air Solubility in Water
  • [H3] Aluminum - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys
  • [H3] Aluminum Alloys - Mechanical Properties
  • [H3] Ammonia
  • [H3] Ammonia - Liquid Thermal Properties
  • [H3] Argon
  • [H3] Arsenic - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys
  • [H3] BHN - Brinell Hardness Number
  • [H3] Bases - pH Values
  • [H3] Benzene - Liquid Thermal Properties
  • [H3] Benzene - Specific Heat
  • [H3] Boiling Points Fluids and Gases
  • [H3] Boiling Points of Water at Various Elevations
  • [H3] Brix Scale
  • [H3] Bulk Density of Food Materials
  • [H3] Bulk Modulus - Metals and Alloys
  • [H3] Bulk Modulus and Fluid Elasticity
  • [H3] CPVC - Chemical Resistance
  • [H3] Calcium Chloride - Water
  • [H3] Carbon Dioxide - Specific Heat
  • [H3] Carbon Dioxide Properties
  • [H3] Carbon Dioxide Properties - old English Units
  • [H3] Carbon Monoxide
  • [H3] Carbon Monoxide - Specific Heat
  • [H3] Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel Classifications
  • [H3] Ceramic Material Properties
  • [H3] Chemical Resistance of Rubbers and Elastomers
  • [H3] Coefficients of Linear Thermal Expansion
  • [H3] Comparing Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol
  • [H3] Compositions of Steel
  • [H3] Compressed Water Properties
  • [H3] Compression and Tension Strength of some common Materials
  • [H3] Concrete Mixtures
  • [H3] Concrete Properties
  • [H3] Copper - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys
  • [H3] Copper Alloys and Typical Applications
  • [H3] Copper Zinc Tin Alloys
  • [H3] Cryogenic Fluids - or Liquefied Gas Properties
  • [H3] Densities of Miscellaneous Solids
  • [H3] Densities of some Common Materials
  • [H3] Density Converter
  • [H3] Density of Wood
  • [H3] Density, Specific Weight and Specific Gravity
  • [H3] Dichlorodifluoromethane Properties
  • [H3] Dichlorodifluoromethane Properties - old English Units
  • [H3] Dielectric Constant of some common Liquids
  • [H3] Dimethyl Propylmethane - Specific Heat
  • [H3] Dirt and Mud Densities
  • [H3] Ditch-Filling Materials - Densities
  • [H3] Dry Air Properties
  • [H3] Drying Temperature and Time for some common Products
  • [H3] Dust Explosions - Critical Temperatures and Concentrations
  • [H3] Dynamic Viscosity of some common Liquids
  • [H3] Earth or Soil - Weight and Composition
  • [H3] Elastomers
  • [H3] Elements - Melting Points
  • [H3] Emissivity Coefficients of some common Materials
  • [H3] Engineering Materials
  • [H3] Epoxy - Chemical Resistance
  • [H3] Ethane
  • [H3] Ethane - Liquid Thermal Properties
  • [H3] Ethane - Specific Heat
  • [H3] Ethanol Freeze Protected Water Solutions
  • [H3] Ethylene - Specific Heat
  • [H3] Ethylene Glycol Heat-Transfer Fluid
  • [H3] Fibers in Polymer Composites
  • [H3] Flash Point
  • [H3] Float Glass Weight
  • [H3] Fluids - Latent Heat of Evaporation
  • [H3] Food and Foodstuff - Specific Heats
  • [H3] Food and Foodstuff - pH Values
  • [H3] Freezing and Melting Points of some Common Liquids
  • [H3] Fuels - Densities and Specific Volumes
  • [H3] Fuels Properties Database
  • [H3] Gas Data
  • [H3] Gases - Densities
  • [H3] Gases - Dynamic Viscosity
  • [H3] Gases - Specific Gravities
  • [H3] Gases - Specific Heats and Individual Gas Constants
  • [H3] Glycerine - Boiling and Freezing Points
  • [H3] Gold - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys
  • [H3] Helium
  • [H3] Human Body and Specific Heat
  • [H3] Hydrogen
  • [H3] Hydrogen - Specific Heat
  • [H3] ISO Grade Oil Properties
  • [H3] Ice - Thermal Properties
  • [H3] Ice - Thickness and Safe Loads
  • [H3] Identification Tests for Stainless Steels
  • [H3] Industrial Lubricants - Viscosity ISO-VG Grade
  • [H3] Iron - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys
  • [H3] Isopropanol (2-Propanol) based Water Solutions
  • [H3] Latent Heat of Melting of some common Materials
  • [H3] Lead - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys
  • [H3] Liquid Metals
  • [H3] Liquid Water Properties at different Pressures
  • [H3] Liquids - Densities
  • [H3] Liquids - Kinematic Viscosities
  • [H3] Liquids - Specific Gravities
  • [H3] Liquids and Fluids - Specific Gravities - SG
  • [H3] Liquids and Fluids - Specific Heats
  • [H3] Lumber Weights
  • [H3] Magnesium - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys
  • [H3] Malleability, Brittlenes and Ductility
  • [H3] Melting and Boiling Points common Materials
  • [H3] Melting and Boiling Temperatures - Evaporation and Melting Heats common Materials
  • [H3] Mercury - Properties
  • [H3] Metal Alloys - Specific Heats
  • [H3] Metals - Boiling Temperatures
  • [H3] Metals - Galvanic Series in Seawater
  • [H3] Metals - Melting Temperatures
  • [H3] Metals - Specific Heats
  • [H3] Metals Machinability
  • [H3] Metals and Alloys - Densities
  • [H3] Metals and Corrosion Resistance
  • [H3] Metals and Latent Heat of Fusion
  • [H3] Methane
  • [H3] Methane - Specific Heat
  • [H3] Methanol - Thermophysical Properties
  • [H3] Methanol Freeze Protected Heat-Transfer Fluids
  • [H3] Mineral Density
  • [H3] Minerals and some other materials - Specific Gravities
  • [H3] Mixtures of Metals and Melting Points
  • [H3] Modulus of Elasticity or Young's Modulus - and Tensile Modulus for some common Materials
  • [H3] Moh's scale of mineral hardness
  • [H3] Moisture Content
  • [H3] Molar Specific Heat - Gases
  • [H3] Molecular Weight - Gases and Vapors
  • [H3] Molybdenum - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys
  • [H3] Nickel - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys
  • [H3] Nitrogen
  • [H3] Nitrogen - Specific Heat
  • [H3] Octane - Liquid Thermal Properties
  • [H3] Oils - Melting Points
  • [H3] Oxygen
  • [H3] Oxygen - Specific Heat
  • [H3] Oxygen Solubility in Fresh and Sea Water
  • [H3] Particle Sizes
  • [H3] Plastic Materials Used in Valves
  • [H3] Plastic Recycling Labels
  • [H3] Plastics Abbreviations
  • [H3] Plato and Brix to SG Conversion
  • [H3] PolyEthylene - PE - and Chemical Resistance
  • [H3] Polyester - Chemical Resistance
  • [H3] Polymers - Physical Properties
  • [H3] Polypropylene PP - Chemical Resistance
  • [H3] Polyurethane - Chemical Resistance
  • [H3] Porosity
  • [H3] Pressure and Boiling Points of Water
  • [H3] Propane
  • [H3] Propane Butane Mix - Evaporation Pressure
  • [H3] Properties of Air at Moderate Pressure - ranging -100 to 1000oF
  • [H3] Properties of Water
  • [H3] Properties of Water - Imperial Units
  • [H3] Propylene Glycol based Heat-Transfer Fluids
  • [H3] Radiation Emissivities of common Materials
  • [H3] Refractive Index of some common Liquids, Solids and Gases
  • [H3] Refrigerant R22 - Properties
  • [H3] Refrigerants - Environmental Properties
  • [H3] Refrigerants - Physical Properties
  • [H3] SAE Multigrade Oil Properties
  • [H3] STP - Standard Temperature and Pressure & NTP - Normal Temperature and Pressure
  • [H3] Saturated Ice and Vapor
  • [H3] Saturated Salt Solutions and Air Humidity
  • [H3] Sea Water Properties
  • [H3] Silicone - Chemical Resistance
  • [H3] Silver - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys
  • [H3] Slurry - Density
  • [H3] Sodium Chloride - Water
  • [H3] Soft and Hard Water
  • [H3] Softwood Lumber Standard
  • [H3] Solids - Melting and Solidifying Points
  • [H3] Solids - Specific Heats
  • [H3] Solids and Metals - Specific Gravities
  • [H3] Solubility of Gases in Water
  • [H3] Specific Heat - Online Converter
  • [H3] Specific Heat Polymers
  • [H3] Specific Heat Ratio of Air
  • [H3] Specific Heat of common Substances
  • [H3] Speed of Sound in Air
  • [H3] Stainless Steels Classifications
  • [H3] Stone Masonry
  • [H3] Sulfur Dioxide - Liquid Thermal Prorties
  • [H3] Surface Tension of Water in contact with Air
  • [H3] Temperature and Strength of Metals
  • [H3] Thermal Conductivity Coefficients Plastics
  • [H3] Thermal Conductivity Common Liquids
  • [H3] Thermal Conductivity of Materials and Gases
  • [H3] Thermal Conductivity of Metals
  • [H3] Thermal Expansion Metals
  • [H3] Thermoplastic Pipes - Temperature and Strength Derating
  • [H3] Thermoplastics - Physical Properties
  • [H3] Timber Section Sizes
  • [H3] Toluene - Liquid Thermal Properties
  • [H3] U.S. Standard Atmosphere
  • [H3] UNS - Unified Numbering System
  • [H3] Vapor Pressure
  • [H3] Vapor Pressure Supercooled Water
  • [H3] Vinyl Ester - Chemical Resistance
  • [H3] Viscosity Converting Chart
  • [H3] Viscosity of Foods
  • [H3] Viscosity of Sugar Solutions
  • [H3] Water - Density and Specific Weight
  • [H3] Water - Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity
  • [H3] Water - Saturation Pressure and Specific Weight
  • [H3] Water - Specific Heat at Higher Temperatures
  • [H3] Water - Specific Volume and Weight Density
  • [H3] Water - Temperature and Specific Gravity
  • [H3] Water - Thermal Properties
  • [H3] Water Content in Foods and other Products
  • [H3] Water Saturation Pressure
  • [H3] Water Vapor - Specific Heat
  • [H3] Water and Speed of Sound
  • [H3] Weight and Strength of Stone
  • [H3] Weight of Bricks
  • [H3] Wood - Combustion Heat Values
  • [H3] Wood Densities
  • [H3] Wood Species - Weight at various Moisture Contents
  • [H3] Wrought and Cast Copper Alloys - Properties Database
  • [H3] Young Modulus of Elasticity for Metals and Alloys
  • [H3] n-Butane
  • [H3] Share this Page!
  • [H3] The Engineering ToolBox
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